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  • Communism will take over the Nintendo Switch in a few days.
  • Brawlout launches first on Nintendo Switch on December 19th, featuring a new guest character.
  • Devious Technologies released their physics-based puzzle game on Steam.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

PositronX gameplay trailer ahead of Steam Early Access release

Scorpius Studios, the developer behind PositronX released a new early alpha gameplay teaser trailer for their upcoming first person roguelite shooter. The trailer hints at an Early Access release on Steam in March.

The game features a variety of play options, from multiple game modifiers, characters and ways to play to dozens of weapons and a hundred implants to install, some of which will give you special powers, while others will modify your behavior.

Scorpius Studios previously worked on I Shall Remain, an action RPG which you can purchase on Steam.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

16bit Nights announce their next project, Chromosome Evil

16bit Nights, creators of TAURONOS, recently announced their newest project, Chromosome Evil. The game is set to be an RTS mixed with RPG elements in which you control a squad which is part of what remains from an army fighting an invasion of underground creatures bringing unspeakable death and destruction with them.

In Chromosome Evil, 16bit Nights promises to take the player on a journey that will give full freedom in choosing the routes to take, the resources to be gathered, the perimeters that need defending and how each squad member evolves.

Drawing inspiration from games like Command & Conquer, Dungeons & Dragons, Heroes 3, Red Alert and Xcom, the game will give players access to a skill-based level up system, an inventory to manage their resources, multiple choices and outcomes, unique characters that can be grouped up to six as a squad and more.

The game is very much work in progress, but with its promised mechanics and intriguing story, we will keep an eye on it and we look forward to bringing you more news as we follow its road to completion.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Heavy Crime, a new game by Omnidream Creations

Omnidream Creations recently announced the new game they're working on, titled Heavy Crime. The game should come out during the third quarter of this year. You can watch it in action in the video below.

Not a lot of details were disclosed about the game, other than it's a top down shooter loaded with breathtaking gunplay action, superb graphics, slow-motion sequences and a top notch story.

Omnidream Creations is an indie studio from Bucharest. Their previous titles include AWA and Vector Strain.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bucharest Global Game Jam 2018

For the third consecutive year, the Bucharest Global Game Jam team brings together game development enthusiasts in the biggest game jam in the world. The three days jam takes place at Arcub Gabroveni, on January 26th - 28th.

The entrance to the event is free, so hurry up and register! As in previous editions, there will be two development tracks:
  • Non-digital games (e.g. boardgames, card games, pen and paper)
  • Digital games
This year, the Bucharest Global Game Jam is co-organised together with RGDA. The Bucharest Gaming Week takes place in the same week as the Global Game Jam. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Internship opportunities at EA this summer

Under the motto "Everyone needs a sidekick", EA Romania recently announced a number of openings for part time and full time internships at their studio campus in Bucharest. These will be available throughout the summer and all suitable candidates will be contacted by 28th of February, so make sure to submit your application before that.

EA are looking for:
- A student pursuing a diploma - except final years;
- Technical profiles: C++, C#, Java;
- Non-technical profiles: Production, Data Analysis;
- A passionate gamer;

They are offering:
- Probably the best summer experience of your life;
- An opportunity to learn new and interesting things;
- Flexible start-date and working hours.

You can see a list of all open positions and apply to them at https://www.hipo.ro/locuri-de-munca/vizualizareFirma/881/Electronic-Arts-Romania-

Make your summer memorable!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Drag Sim 2018 available on mobile

Ovilex Software released a new mobile game called Drag Sim 2018. It can be downloaded for free on both AppStore and Google Play.

According to the developer, Drag Sim 2018 is the latest race simulator that will immerse you in the drag racing world! You can enjoy driving over 70 spectacular cars, get under the hood with performance upgrades, customize your vehicle's paint, wheels and calipers to create unique racing machines!

The game features an interior view, manual transmission, next-gen graphics and real time online multiplayer racing. You can race in different environments and weather conditions, choosing from 7 car tiers like supercars, vans and pickup trucks.

In addition to all the functionalities already included in the game package, like online leaderboards and achievements, players can even request new features through the developer's social media pages.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Move or Die level building contest

Ever wanted to become a game developer and build that awesome game that everyone will play and be impressed with? Easier said than done, but fear not. Those Awesome Guys have you covered. They launched a level building competition for their popular game Move or Die.

You get to play around with their amazing looking and very easy to use Level Editor and let your creativity flow. Pick your best five levels that you designed and submit them as a mod on the game's Steam Workshop page. The official competition page has all the details including this entertaining video describing just how easy it easy to build game levels using the Move or Die level editor.

The deadline for submitting entries in the competition is the 17th of January 23:59 GMT, so make sure to get working on those levels. Three winners will be picked and with lots of cool prizes at stake, make sure to impress. All the levels Those Awesome Guys consider amazing are going to make it into the official game. So you might just see that dream of having lots of people play your game (level) come true.

Fisherones releases on Steam on January 18th

Fisherones, an open world fish simulator from Glass Bubble Software, will be released on Steam on January 18th.

The game lets you experience being a little blue fish and dive into a vibrant, living, breathing world to uncover its mysteries. At the start, you will find yourself at the very bottom of the food chain, so in order to survive you will have to be quite careful. While the ocean provides plenty of cozy little spots to hide in, there is also no shortage of hungry predators that can snatch you in seconds.

Explore every nook and cranny of 3 vibrant biomes: a coral reef, a kelp forest and a rocky ocean floor and all the lost and forgotten beautiful sites within them. Through exploring the environment and hunting down other marine life, you will unlock powerful new mutagens and upgrade your arsenal of abilities, becoming stronger and deadlier.