Friday, September 1, 2017

Amber publishes its manifesto on Medium

Amber, the game development studio from Bucharest, with branches in San Francisco and Los Angeles, has recently published its manifesto on Medium. The company's main focus is to provide development services to their partners. While their work is not usually made public, they have created Cinderella: Free Fall in partnership with Disney, available for iOS, Google Play and Windows.

In the manifesto, Mihai PohonĊ£u, the company's CEO, talks about the operational methodologies behind his business: contained distribution development, hiring the best people, innovation, continuous improvement and partner focus.

Amber’s service offering emanates from its engineering core.
Amber offers a various array of services, including: full game development, co-development, custom engineering, tools engineering, live ops, quality assurance and quality engineering.

 Through these solutions, Amber delivers a comprehensive development services platform for game developers worldwide.
Amber is one of the fastest growing companies in Romania and a major player in our local gamedev industry. For a lot of more info on the studio, its services and the core values behind their work, we recommend reading the full manifesto.