Thursday, October 19, 2017

A different kind of game jam

Almost a Hero organizes a three days Weekend Masterclass between 27th and 29th of October at Tudor Vianu National College of Computer Science in Bucharest. The event consists of one day of workshops and a two days game jam. The twist is that its main target are highschool students who will act as game directors and create a game with the help of a small team of professional game developers.

The benefits of participating are learning how to make a game, developing your communications skills and interacting with real game industry professionals while also getting to know the tools, software and processes involved in creating a game from scratch.

We create events, workshops and camps to promote and bring video game making into an accessible form of education.
This is just the first iteration of the program, with more to follow soon. You can find more info about the event on its official page. And, if you're a developer, you can join in and contribute to the growth of the new generation of game creators.