Friday, November 17, 2017

Door Kickers: Action Squad available on Steam Early Access

Door Kickers: Action Squad, the old school, action side-scroller developed by KillHouse Games and PixelShard, was released today on Steam Early Access. The game has a 10% launch discount from its regular price of 11.99$.

According to the developer, the game will stay in early access for 6-8 months, while shaping the final game together with the community, involving the players and listening to their feedback and ideas.

Currently, Door Kickers: Action Squad features single player and cooperative multiplayer, online or couch coop. There are 3 player classes - assaulter, breacher and shield, 3 unique weapons per class, 3 usable, common gear items, 24 levels, 8 enemies, 1 non enemy NPC and 3 mission types.

The final game should include character development, boss enemies, a level editor, leaderboards, one new player class, the recon, for a total of 4 classes, 6 usable weapons per class, 60 playable levels and 17 non-boss enemies.