Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Sky Gamblers game available

Sky Gamblers - Infinite Jets is available for purchase on the AppStore. This is the latest game in the successful Sky Gamblers series from Atypical Games.

Get into the cockpit and prepare to take-off. [...] Become the master of the skies!
Unlock, upgrade and customize the weapons and defenses of more than 100 planes. Paint your favorite jet fighter, customize patterns and badges for the ultimate looks.

Untangle the story of great bravery and despicable treason through the single player campaign. You'll experience huge open world areas with carefully recreated cities like San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. The skies are filled with menacing enemy jet fighters, the sea is crawling with heavily armed battleships and SAM sites are lurking within buildings or forests.

The game features a single player campaign, playing against the AI, co-op in online PVE and 7 vs 7 online PVP matches. You can download it now on iOS for 4.99$.