Thursday, November 30, 2017

Play the Boom Squad alpha

Boom Squad is a platformer shooter developed by PVP Studio. The developer recently made available an Alpha version of the game, with the intent to release small updates every few weeks, to push bug fixes, client & server performance and stability fixes and new content.

The classic platformer shooter revived into a new  team-based online multiplayer game.
The focus of Boom Squad is on player vs player (5 vs 5) and cooperative gameplay, with each player controlling a customized soldier equipped with specialized firearms and special combat abilities, carrying out all sorts of missions, ranging from assassination and bomb defusing to rescue.

Every match takes the best from the late 90s, like adrenaline packed gameplay, simple and fun mechanics and beloved game modes, and combines them with the best perks of modern games: online multiplayer ranked matches, highly stylized graphics, RPG-like progression based on an extensive tech tree of firearms and several characters available, addressing different combat types like offensive, defensive and support.

The game is developed for PC and is set to release in Early Access in December this year, while the final release should happen in April 2018.