Monday, November 20, 2017

Train Driver 2018 announced

With a low key teaser announcement posted on their Facebook page, Ovilex Software announced that they are working on a new simulator game, Train Driver 2018.

According to the post, the game is about 60% complete and it will be the first open world train simulator. The gameplay will be similar to Truck Simulator USA. You will be able to purchase your own locomotive, and choose if you want to pull passengers or freight wagons. The map is huge, including the biggest citiest in the USA. There will be many trains to drive and challenges to complete. Expect more news to come out as Ovilex keep making progress on the game.

Ovilex Software is a game studio from Cluj-Napoca. They specialize in simulator games, with over a couple dozens released so far on iOS and Google Play. Driving School, Bus Simulator and Truck Simulator are just a few of their mobile game series.