Friday, December 8, 2017

New studio Fox Dive announces Blink Rogues

Fox Dive is a new Romanian game development studio based in Bucharest founded by industry veterans from Ubisoft. They announced their first big project, Blink Rogues, in a recent press release.

The game is inspired in pacing and mechanics from both shoot'em ups and FPS arena titles. It features 5 minutes long PvP matches full of frenetic action. However, if you’re not the competitive type, you can relax and enjoy a thought provoking story about a possible humankind evolution, through the game's cooperative or solo play modes.

The game stays loyal to the top down vertical scroller genre, but nevertheless pursues innovation through direct PVP mechanics, enabling you to jump into your opponent’s screen and chase down a proper frag. This will be enabled through both local Split Screen experience and Online Multiplayer, being fueled by a Leaderboard system that will allow you to see how you stand against worldwide competition.

Fox Dive also released a free playable demo on GameJolt and they plan to soon release the game on Steam as well. You can read more about the game at