Wednesday, January 31, 2018

16bit Nights announce their next project, Chromosome Evil

16bit Nights, creators of TAURONOS, recently announced their newest project, Chromosome Evil. The game is set to be an RTS mixed with RPG elements in which you control a squad which is part of what remains from an army fighting an invasion of underground creatures bringing unspeakable death and destruction with them.

In Chromosome Evil, 16bit Nights promises to take the player on a journey that will give full freedom in choosing the routes to take, the resources to be gathered, the perimeters that need defending and how each squad member evolves.

Drawing inspiration from games like Command & Conquer, Dungeons & Dragons, Heroes 3, Red Alert and Xcom, the game will give players access to a skill-based level up system, an inventory to manage their resources, multiple choices and outcomes, unique characters that can be grouped up to six as a squad and more.

The game is very much work in progress, but with its promised mechanics and intriguing story, we will keep an eye on it and we look forward to bringing you more news as we follow its road to completion.