Friday, January 12, 2018

Move or Die level building contest

Ever wanted to become a game developer and build that awesome game that everyone will play and be impressed with? Easier said than done, but fear not. Those Awesome Guys have you covered. They launched a level building competition for their popular game Move or Die.

You get to play around with their amazing looking and very easy to use Level Editor and let your creativity flow. Pick your best five levels that you designed and submit them as a mod on the game's Steam Workshop page. The official competition page has all the details including this entertaining video describing just how easy it easy to build game levels using the Move or Die level editor.

The deadline for submitting entries in the competition is the 17th of January 23:59 GMT, so make sure to get working on those levels. Three winners will be picked and with lots of cool prizes at stake, make sure to impress. All the levels Those Awesome Guys consider amazing are going to make it into the official game. So you might just see that dream of having lots of people play your game (level) come true.